Video Booth

The video add on is an awesome feature. It works in the same manner you would take a photo session. It’s as simple as a step into the photo booth and a push of a button then stand back and record a 20 second video! This is just another way to spice up your event. Your guests will have so much fun leaving unlimited video clips and you will have even more fun watching them all the next day!

Here’s a sample of what to expect!

Green Screen Technology

A great option for branding of companies or organizations.

Brand your next event with a custom background image.

Background colors

Don’t see a color you like or need something that matches your event theme? Let us know and we will get what you need!

Hot Pink, Zebra, Purple, Yellow, Black, Gold, White, Lime Green, Orange, Light Blue, Red, Purple & Gold Tiger Zebra


Order custom magnets for you and your guests. A brand new deal ~ 250 magents for $150.


We offer hats, masks, feather boas, oversized sun glasses, fun shaped chalkboards, hand made (by us!) moustaches, glasses, lips, etc.

Various color boas and more!